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 friends of northern arizona forests

Humphreys Trailhead Orientations

In the summer months the Forest Service provides visitors with important information about the Coconino Forest and the Kachina Peaks Wilderness through in person contact and information about hiking safety at the Humphreys Trailhead.  This valuable service is facilitated through the “Trail Ambassador” volunteers and leaders from Friends of Northern Arizona Forests in concert with the Forest Service staff.  Below are descriptions on how volunteers can participate.

Trail Ambassadors are divided into two specialty categories. “Information Specialists” and “Trail Preventative Search & Rescue (PSAR).”  If you are interested in volunteering with the PSAR/Trail Ambassadors group, please contact Holly Maszk at

Information Specialists staff the trailhead booth to provide information of the Kachina Peaks and the area trails as well as assessing the readiness and capability of the hikers. If there is doubt that the visitor/hiker is prepared for the 5-6 hour hike up to Humphreys peak, the specialists provide information making them aware of the effort and supplies/equipment required for a successful, safe hike.

Trail PSAR’s hike the three Kachina Peak trails carrying extra water, medical supplies, snacks and a smile to assist on-trail visitors.  They are not EMT’s or medical specialists, but are able to provide assistance and information.  Engaging our visitors on the trails reduces the need for the Coconino County Sheriff’s SAR to be called out.

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