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 friends of northern arizona forests

Wildlife Habitat Projects

Removing Dangerous Fencing from Forests

It seems contrary to the team’s mission, but taking down or removing old barbed wire fences is necessary to keep the forests safe for wildlife and humans, assuring a safe location for visitors. Our volunteers have become skilled doing these removals and recycling the old fencing.

For almost 100 years fencing originally built by ranchers has not been maintained, has become obsolete, or has deteriorated and is a definite hazard to wildlife, livestock, hikers and pets. FoNAF volunteer have become a major player in removing and recycling old wire fencing and other hazardous metal materials.  

Building/Repairing Wildlife Drinker “Trick Tanks

With the recent climatic changes, “trick tanks” are an important water source for wildlife.  FoNAF volunteers have emerged as a significant resource for building new tanks and re-building existing ones.  The skills necessary for construction and repairs are different from fencing, so working on trick tanks provides diversity for our volunteers, not to mention self-satisfaction by providing water for wildlife.


If you’re wondering what a “trick tank” is, it consists of a very large “apron” made of corrugated metal or concrete on the ground that catches rain and snow melt, pipes the water into a large storage tank, and then feeds the fresh water into large tubs or “drinkers” for wildlife to drink during the hot summer months. Eventually parts wear out due to the harsh environment, and the apron is usually the first to go.

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